Spanish Social Media Marketing User Trends & Statistics 2015-2016

image-4-copy-600x403Currently, 9 out of 10 Internet users in Mexico using social networks. In fact, in Mexico the use of social networks is one of the main activities on the Internet.

Social networks have become a daily and highly permanent space in which experiences, opinions and allow users to “stay connected” are shared. This forms the social networks are one of the main sources of information for thousands of users, either from your computer or from your mobile device.

If you want to create a platform of communication with your customers, certainly the social networks are for you.
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Currently 96% of Internet in Mexico has an account on Facebook and 93% of these users access daily. This makes Facebook the largest social network with users of all ages who spend hours online on your computer and review it several times from their mobile. In addition users generate an important link to this network because here are your friends, your family, your artists and your brands.

The possibilities to be on Facebook are many, it all depends on what each company needs there from simple applications Welcome to robust apps support, management or administration of profile and, of course, ads or stories sponsored’s profile users.
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Advertising on Twitter
¿Advertising on Twitter?It is possible!

This network is certainly the one with the most intense, committed and spent hours chatting with friends and strangers users, however, is both a means of handling complex, for this and other reasons it is important to perform expert advise from handling Twitter account to an advertising investment in the environment, or the hiring of “influencers” or “tweetstars” to recommend your brand.

The possibilities of the medium are many success stories have brands even provide support through this medium and a web panel that we have developed to meet all mention of your followers.
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YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Mexico is the # 1 country in Latin America to consume YouTube videos. Million hours of video is reproduced and published every minute.

Definitely YouTube has to be considered one of the most important social entertainment networks in the world, with millions of users who love watching videos, listening to music, subscribe to channels and, above all, view exclusive content.

The advertising possibilities are many, there Promoted Videos to appear in categories or related search and only pay per click, but we can also pay only for each real playing more than 30 seconds of video over TrueView, or we can create a Brand Channel for brands seeking a robust presence in video.
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The social network stronger brand presence. This was perceived by 93% of Internet users according to AMIPCI.


Currently, 2 out of 10 Internet looking for offers and news by following brands within their social networks.


Almost 60% of users accessing a social network has been clicked some sort of advertising within social networks.
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