Industrial SSDs – Get the Most From Your Solid State Drive

September 14, 2017

While solid state drives (SSDs) were one expensive accessories or tiny USB flash drives, the storage devices can now be found on compact ultrabooks, laptops or even desktop computers. These fast, efficient drives store and access data via semiconductors without moving parts. Instead, they use flash memory driven by electricity to record and seek data. Increasingly, solid state drives are less expensive and being used to replace larger and older…


Native Advertising Trends Statistics 2015-2016

September 10, 2015

Native advertising was one of the major players in 2015 and still is, of course, this 2016. In fact, native advertising is seen as a less intrusive for users and also adds value. In fact, as eMarketer reported late last year, “Native Advertising Update: Marketers See Healthy Spending Growth in 2016″, this type of advertising is growing between those who invest in advertising campaigns. Presenting formulas are many and varied….


Revcontent CEO John Lemp Explains Content Recommendation

September 3, 2015

   What Are Content Recommendation Widgets? Native advertising trends and statistics is one of the fastest-growing digital forms of advertising today, with Business Insider reporting spending on native ads will soar to almost $8 billion this year, up from $4.7 billion in 2013; and will grow to $21 billion by 2018. A 2013 study by IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough, measuring nearly 5,000 participants’ behavior and perceptions towards native ads…