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We present here together the latest statistics of the most important USA but also international social networks. The data comes from the official corporate blogs and are constantly updated / expanded.

User numbers: 1.23 billion (as of 03.27.2014)
Active users / day: 757 million (as of 03.27.2014)
Active users / month: 945 million (as of 03.27.2014)
Likes per day: 1.6 billion (as of 03.27.2014)
Pictures per day: 60 million (as of 03.27.2014)

Source: Facebook Company Info

User numbers: 200 million (as of 03.27.2014)
Shared images / Total: 20 billion (as of 03.27.2014)
Likes per day: 1.6 billion (as of 03.27.2014)
Pictures per day: 60 million (as of 03.27.2014)

Source: Instagram Press Stats

User numbers: 241 million active users (as of 03.28.2014)
Tweets / day: 500 million (as of 03.28.2014)
Mobile content: 76% (as of 03.28.2014)
User numbers Vine: 40 million (as of 03.28.2014)
Monetary Facts / 2013: Revenue $ 665 million, EBITDA $ 75 million

Source: About Twitter Company and Investor Stats
Google + Google Plus stats

User numbers: 500 million (assets: 235 million users) (as of December 2012)
Other official data requested ..

Source: Google Investor and Google Official Blog

User numbers (Int.): 350 million (as of 10.27.2014)
User numbers (Europe): 84 million (as of 10.27.2014)
User numbers (USA): 4 million (as of 10.27.2014)
Company profiles:> 3 million (as of 03.28.2014)
Social sharing:> 1.5 million websites use the LinkedIn Share button (as of 03.28.2014)
Number of groups: 2.1 million (as of 03.28.2014)

Source: Press About LinkedIn

User numbers: 14 million (as of 03.28.2014)
Number of Groups: 66,000 (as of 03.28.2014)

Source: XING Corporate

No direct social networks but also from the orbit:

User numbers: 800 million monthly active users (as of August 2015)

Source: WhatsApp

More Networks are constantly updated and kept current.

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Social media and social networks – user numbers in USA in 2015
January 7, 2015 Christian Buggisch49 Comments

How social media and social networks in USA have recently developed? Here is my update for 2015 actual figures and statistics, from Facebook to YouTube, from business networks up to photo communities, the new top dog WhatsApp to tiny Foursquare …

Facebook has 28 million users in USA, even if it increases are lately discussions about whether Facebook has a problem with younger users: Facebook still has a huge reach and impressive user numbers. Worldwide, there are nearly 1.4 billion active users of the platform, in USA, we are likely to be around 28 million users. The users of the platform are getting older, and yes, teenagers interested in getting less for Facebook. But that’s not a big problem for the blue group, because with Instagram and WhatsApp (see below) soft kids out especially on platforms, which also belong to Zuckerberg World.  But who knows with the new Facebook dislike button.

3.1 million active users to come to Google + at Google+ reliable figures, has traditionally been difficult. A year ago, I have quoted estimates of 9 million active users in USA. A recent estimate of WeAreSocial goes against it of 15 million registered, but only 3.1 million active users in USA. The example shows: When working with such numbers, caution is always necessary. Whether we need to correct the estimates downward or Google+ usage has declined (or both): In any case, Google+ is no serious competition for Facebook. Serve with a different number of Nielsen market research: use during active facebookers offering an average of over six and a half hours per month, Google Plus users are active there just seven minutes per month.

How many Twitter users there are in USA? Between 1 and 2.3 million Twitter users in USA, I have asked last year in the blog and reproduced in detail various study results. The answer is short: We do not know. Depending on the method varies the number between 1/2 million and 11 million. Recent figures say that there are 284 million monthly active Twitter users worldwide. And an entirely fresh Allensbach study talks about 1 million USA who often Twitter, and 2.3 million who use the short message service occasionally.

XING has 8 million members in the DACH Region Santander last quarterly report (Q3 / 2014) of XING has made 7.7 million members in the DACH region. So early 2015 is likely to have around 8 million members in USA, Austria and Switzerland, the business network. This number is the numbers mentioned in the other networks but hardly comparable, as it is not about active members and activity in such a network is also difficult to define (some use the news stream, some use XING as a living address …).

6 million LinkedIn LinkedIn is internationally still very strong, is located in USA but still behind XING: mid-2014 have been reported 5 million USA users, it was the world at the end of the 3rd quarter with 332 million members. At the turn of the approximately 8 million XING users therefore expected around 6 million LinkedIn users are facing (the intersection of those who use both platforms, is probably quite large).

4.2 million Instagram users in USAThe slim mobile photo app Instagram is growing rapidly: Around 300 million users, there are now around the world, according to about 200 million a year ago. Thus Instagram Twitter has overtaken. If we update the user distribution from the past and assume that there are still about 1.4 percent USA users, we currently to approximately 4.2 million Instagram users in USA.

Pinterest – to estimate user numbers at 3 Millionen Pinterest, the virtual pinboard network, it is difficult to find reliable figures. Official figures are not disclosed. The number of USA visitors has risen to website 2.1 million, according to comScore mid 2014th Worldwide, there are over 750 million Pinnwände with more than 30 billion photos. But how many registered users are there? According to a recent survey According reportedly 10 percent of USA Internet users have a Pinterest account. That would be about 6 million. This number seems to be far too high, especially when compared to the approximately 1.5 million people who I have determined a year ago. After all, there are statements of Pinterest, the number of users in USA have doubled within one year – then we would currently stands at 3 million users. That is and remains nothing but as a rough estimate.

Foursquare has only 600,000 USA  localization service Foursquare is likely to have lost his senseless division into two apps (Foursquare and Swarm) last year numerous followers – me, for example. Official figures are not available, estimates are 50 million users worldwide. Thus Foursquare would still be quite small and has grown only modestly during the last year by 10 to 20 percent. Assuming, at USA users a similar growth, there should be no more than 600,000 in USA Foursquare users.

WhatsApp impressed with 35 million users in USA No social network, but the digital medium number 1, especially for younger people. WhatsApp continues to impress: More than 700 million users, there are now worldwide. The last 100 million had been recovered in just four months. Also to USA user numbers a WhatsApp manager has expressed: 32 Millonen active users admit it, and that number is already a few months old. We can start from a good 35 million users in USA, therefore, now. That is, with all due respect, hell of a lot, and so has the once small WhatsApp overtaken the mighty Mother Facebook.

4 million USA actively upload videos to YouTube YouTube is – what the figures concerns – one of the largest social media success stories. 4 billion videos are viewed per day, 100 hours of video uploaded per minute. More than 1 billion unique visitors visit YouTube every month. But how many active users are there in USA – active in the sense that you do not only watch videos, but upload yourself? According to Allensbach, there are 4 million users who do so frequently or regularly.